Fish poker rooms, selection of tables, the pursuit

Fish in poker is a weak level rival who makes unprofitable, inadequate decisions in trades and plays a minus at a distance.
Fish poker rooms
The specific proportion of fish in poker rooms is different – in some rooms it is more, and in some less. There are a number of characteristics of poker sites that can be used to determine whether there are many inexperienced players in them or not.
Lack of tactical lines of the draw – if the player does not know what tactics are and have not heard of tactics, he will never use them in the game. For example, if a player does not use Steele at all, he definitely refers to Fish.
Effectively identifying weak opponents at the tables allows auxiliary software that provides game statistics on opponents in real time. For example, if a player is in a statistical base, a poker player can recognize his VPIP while being at the same table with him. This indicator reflects the percentage of hands played voluntarily preflop. The result can be compared with the average indicators and draw the appropriate conclusions.
Selection of tables
One aspect of a successful strategy is the careful selection of tables for the game. An experienced poker player does not sit down at the first available tables, but selects for the game those where there are more weak opponents. True, it’s quite difficult to look for suitable tables by hand — it takes precious time. Therefore, some players use auxiliary software, which automatically selects suitable tables for them.
Attention: in some poker rooms it is forbidden to use programs for selecting tables by rules. If you want to use such software in the game for real money, make sure that it is allowed in your poker room.
The pursuit
When you meet a weak opponent, you should definitely mark her with text notes or bullets. In the future, it will help to quickly find it at the tables. However, if a weak player has moved to another table, you cannot immediately change after him. This behavior is prohibited in most poker rooms and may threaten to block your account!