Cons of multiplayer. How to start multipliding

The main disadvantages of multi-tabling:
There is not enough time to think about difficult hands. And sometimes simple. If the player goes too far with loading, and the tables open more than he can qualitatively pull, then there can be a situation when the decision will need to be taken simultaneously in 5-6 hands. Time-banks will end and chaos will come.
They can be provoked, as by incorrect reading of the hand, and simply by casual, automatic action. Each megacity is either a shortage of their blinds with a passive action with a strong hand, as well as paying someone else’s nuts.
Tilt (nerves, hysteria) during multi-tabling is especially dangerous. If tilt for 1-3 tables can lead to a minor loss, then tilting in 12-15, the player is very risky with his bankroll, especially if this happens during each session.
Concentration too high. Psychic can be overextended and you just will not last long.
Rolling into a monotonous game. Hardly at the lower limits – it will be a big disaster – if only it was a monotonous plus game. But on the high experienced regulators will quickly calculate your weaknesses and will exploit them.
When and how can I start multi-table? Important tips for beginners
You should begin to train the multi-tabling skill when you feel that you have become bored with the standard number of tables for yourself, having a good winering for your discipline. In addition, you should feel that you almost no longer face situations where you do not know how to act in a particular distribution. This is very important, because thinking for 8-10 tables will be much faster than 3-4.
There are several tips that you can go through the process of increasing your download with minimal loss:
Add a day on the table. If yesterday you played 4 tables, then start today 5. Go to 8 and play them for a few weeks, then according to the old scheme – add one per day. The main thing is to find your own maximum, without looking back at the “bio-robot players” who play 30-40 tables on 3 screens. If you feel that 12 tables are as long as your limit and the subsequent addition will only harm you – stop.
Configure hotkeys. In poker clients, you can configure hotkey combinations that will save you time and unload your hand on the mouse.