5 main mistakes of beginning MTT players

Texas Hold’em has a number of significant differences from the cash game. This is due to the fact that most of the time tournament participants play for chips, and losing the stack before the passage of ITM will mean a buy-in loss and, most often, the inability to return to the tournament and continue the fight for prizes. All novice players who have decided to try it in the discipline of MTT, make a series of typical mistakes. Some of them are connected with the misunderstanding of the features of tournament poker.
Absence of bankroll management
A critical moment will be respect for your own bankroll, at first you should not play tournaments more than $ 5. Romania offers a sufficient selection of very cheap tournaments in which it is possible to form a basic understanding of MTT. A normal bankroll should exceed your average buy-in minimum by 100-150 times. Very few beginner players of this rule adhere to and register in tournaments for $ 10, when they have only $ 100 allocated for poker – this leads to a constant need to make deposits. Ignoring or misunderstanding of the tournament situation
Early stage
Almost in every inexpensive tournament you can find players who play very loose from the very first hand – they want to be nominated for 150 BB, they actively tripit, they actively kick and actively open. They usually do not survive to the final table, even if they are doubled at the very beginning. In the early should play calmly, avoiding expensive and incomprehensible hands.
A more subtle thing is to understand the tournament situation on the bubble and the pre-battle (from about 6 people to the money). At this point, you need to understand exactly who, depending on the size of the stack, you can push at your desk, and who can crush you. If you are the chip leader of the table, it is in your best interest that the bubble last forever, because you can raise and triple very widely, and your opponents will not be able to practically oppose you with fear to fly out to prizes.